How will my dog benefit from daycare?

Being in a dog daycare has many benefits for your pet. Your dog will be supervised for the entire day. They will receive socialization with the staff and other dogs as well as releasing energy playing with friends!

Are there any breeds you do not accept?

Due to the nature of our playgroups and to ensure the safety of all our daycare dogs, only socialized dogs that have been evaluated by our staff will be admitted to the play group.

What takes place during the interview or temperament test?

Your dog is introduced to different sized daycare dogs with different play styles. We observe their behavior to ensure your pet is comfortable and accepting of a daycare environment. When your dog is in our care, safety is our number one priority.

Is my dog supervised during daycare?

Yes! We have three to four experienced staff members interacting with the dogs at all times.

Does Paw Play separate large and small breeds?

No, all of our daycare dogs play together in the same space. We have a screening process to ensure all the dogs are comfortable in this environment. However, our staff has the ability and we have the space, to group certain dogs together if we feel it's necessary.

If my dog is great at the dog park, wouldn't he be great for daycare?

A daycare environment is much different than an open field dog park. Though we have large play areas, they are not as large as a baseball field. It is important for your dog to be comfortable around many dogs of different sizes in an enclosed environment.

Do I need to call ahead to schedule a day of play?

After your dog has passed the temperament test, we would be appreciate knowing what days you need for the week ahead. However, if we are needed last-minute we are only a phone call away.

Is there a discount for more than one dog?

Yes, the first dog in the family is $24 per day and the second (or third) is $18 per day.

Can I bring in toys for my dog to play with?

Toys are not necessary in daycare. We encourage the dogs to play and interact with each other and our staff. They will get socialization with the staff as well as releasing energy playing with friends!

Do you have overnight and weekend boarding?

We do not have overnight boarding in our facility. What we DO have is our Extended Services Menu which offers a Pet Taxi and Pet Sitting services! This service allows your dog to stay home in his/her comfortable surroundings while you are not at home. Click here for more information on Pet Taxi & Pet Sitting.

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