“Our 2yr old Goldendoodle, Boomer, has been going to Paw Play since he was 6 months old and he goes three to four times a week. He loves going to play with his friends and truly looks forward to it every morning and then comes home a tired, happy and content puppy dog. I love that I can drop him off at 7:30 in the morning and not pick him up until 7pm at night, which comes in handy many times at the end of the month when I can’t get out of work at 5pm.”

“The staff at Paw Play are the best. Jen, Michelle and staff are very friendly, helpful and clearly love what they do. Boomer is well-cared for and well-loved, and I love seeing the pics of him and all of his friends at play. He has never come home with any issues – kennel cough or even so much as a flea. The facility is always clean and inviting.”

“They have an on-site groomer, Paw Play Professional Grooming, and Boomer has never been anywhere else to get groomed. Melissa and staff are professional and friendly, and Boomer ALWAYS looks so handsome. I cannot say enough good things about Paw Play. If you are looking for a place to bring your best friend, this is the place!”

– Dawn G.


“I have been a ‘customer’ of Paw Play since the first week they opened their doors. I use the word ‘customer’ in quotes, because they see their clients as more than that, it’s more like family. You see the way the staff go about their jobs, and it’s clear that it’s not just a job, but a labor of love. I have witnessed that on countless occasions, none more glaringly obvious than when I lost my golden retriever who was a ten-year camper at Paw Play, the second dog to enter their day care. The staff was almost as upset as I was, I received multiple letters and cards. One former staff member, who now works in Hartford, even came to Southington to sign the group card before it was mailed to us. There is genuine passion there, which is why I will always be a loyal customer. Day care is one of the best things one can do for a dog’s body and spirit. Paw Play sells a variety of good food, and their groomer is hands–down the best. This business is a genuine treasure in our community.”


“Theo, our Goldendoodle, has been going to Paw Play daycare since he was 4 months old. From the initial visit, it was clear the management and staff at Paw Play genuinely care for you and your pet(s)’s experience. We get tickled pink at how Theo treats Paw Play like family when we drop off or pick him up. They have provided us complete peace of mind with flexibility and compassion. The facility is exceptionally clean too. Happiness, love and dogs is what I think makes the world go round there!”

“We have been using Melissa for grooming ever since our Theo was a puppy. She is extremely attentive and considerate during each appointment, ensuring the right cut/wash is done. Prices are very reasonable and the quality is exceptional. Melissa is the only person that Theo will let cut his nails! We just love the grooming services at Paw Play and how convenient it is with it being on-site at the daycare.”



“There is no place like Paw Play! From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you pick up your dog, you know the dogs are well taken care of and loved! The staff is fantastic. I wouldn’t send my dogs anywhere except Paw Play!”

– Sarah and Stuart J.


“We started taking our husky Bandit to Paw Play many years ago after our puppy sitter moved out of state.  We thought socializing with other dogs would be good for Bandit.  What we learned was that the human interaction Bandit received as well was priceless.  He was always happy to go there and play with his canine pals but even more to see all of his human pals 🙂  The entire staff is wonderful and they truly care about the canines they spend their days with.  We have so many great memories of them trying to get Bandit to howl along with all the stories and pictures passed along about the funny or adorable things he would do during the day.  Bandit was getting older and liked to spend time out in the front room greeting everyone when they came in.  When Bandit passed away last year, the staff was as heartbroken as we were and cried right along with us.  We all still really miss him and fight the tears when we talk about him… When our husky puppy Jaxon joined our family, the staff welcomed him with open arms.  They all have played a huge role in helping raise him to be the great dog he is turning out to be.  The pictures and stories are now about the funny or adorable things Jaxon is up to during the day.”

“The staff members at Paw Play are not only friends of our dogs but have become true friends to us.  Whenever we need them, they have been there to also watch our pets while we are away on vacation, we never have to worry about them being cared for.  They have truly become a part of our family.  Even as we have watched some of the staff members move on in their own lives, the new staff has always come in and shown the same commitment to us as well as our dogs.  It has been truly a blessing for us to have found such a great place and we recommend them to others without any hesitation!!”

-Tracy & Sue


“We have been a customer of Paw Play for 6 years, although I shouldn’t use the word customer because the way they care for our fur kids is more like family. We have 3 dogs and they all attend daycare at Paw Play. We live in Waterbury but it is so worth the trip to Southington. The dogs actually get excited when the exit on the highway is coming up, they know they are going for a day of fun. They go in full of energy and come home exhausted. Sometimes they don’t even want to eat and go straight to their beds for the night. Sleepy and exhausted dogs means they had fun all day and it’s worth every penny.”

“The hours at Paw Play are very convenient but if the schedule doesn’t permit us to bring them or pick them up, no worries, we just use thir “Pet Taxi” service. We really appreciate this service and Michael is very safe and trustworthy with our fur kids. We don’t have small dogs, in fact one is 155lbs. and he handles all 3 with no problem. If we aren’t home, he gets them in the house safe and sound. Going on vacation? No problem! Michael also does pet sitting. I am really anxious when we travel and leave them behind but it really puts me at ease knowing they are in great hands with experienced and loving staff.”

“Smelly pups??!! Once again, no problem!! We also use the “daycare spa”. Melissa is awesome with them, and considering they weigh more than her, doesn’t matter she gets the job done and gives them a great “spa treatment”. Nothing better when you’re tired from a long day of work to pick up 3 tired and fresh smelling dogs.”

“If there is any problem or concerns with our babies, Michelle or Jennifer are prompt in calling us. Also they don’t mind you calling in and checking on them or voicing any concerns we may have. It’s fun to check on the Paw Play Facebook page to see what all the dogs are doing for the day, what friends they may have or what favorite play scape they may be napping on. I can go on and on with fantastic things to say about all of the Paw Play staff but it would be 10 pages long. Basically it’s a safe and fun place for the fur kids to go play for the day and the prices are very reasonable. I guess it’s safe to say that our family is definitely TEAM PAW PLAY!!!!!!”

– Melissa & Eric C.
(And their fur kids Rufus, Alonzo, and Pluto)

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